For me 2018 started with a big long holiday in Australia. in fact; it has been the longest holiday I’ve ever had! As a filmmaker I took it upon myself to document the entire trip in a vlog format travel video. The most important part of de videos was telling the story. The challenge was to invent the story as you go because the holiday itself came first. This resulted in lot’s of run-and-gun videography, very quick edits (roughly 2 hours per edit) and varius successful and less successful stories in either a VLOG, VOICEOVER or VISUAL format.

With all that said; the 8 part series is a great way to remember the trip. It’s a series I’ll be watching again and again in the future!


PART 2 Hanging Out In The City
We learned from our mistake and took the train to the city this time around. We mostly took it easy as the weather is extremely hot. We also visited Mt. Coot Tha and hiked down a trail.

PART 3 Feeding All The Kangaroos
Australia has been dealing with a bit of a heatwave. So we decided to say inside for a bit. We also went to Lone Pine to feed the kangaroos!

PART 4 The Ferry Adventure
We had an big ferry adventure this time around. We went to the University of Queensland and took the ferry all the way to the other side of the city to have some dinner at the Powerhouse. The next day we went to the Stradbroke Island to take a look at the beautiful beaches and a lovely sunset.

PART 5 The Sunshine Coast And Noosa
We went up to the sunshine coast for the weekend and spent some quality time with my sister and Richard. We ended up stand up paddle boarding which was lot’s of fun!

PART 6 The Blue Mountains
We stayed in the blue mountains (Katoomba) for about 4 days to enjoy the view and also hike around in the various walking tracks. I’ve gotta say; it’s really beautiful over there!

Part 7 Australia Day In Sydney
We were lucky enough to be in Sydney for Australia day 2018 and enjoy all the festivities. Also; We got sunburned real bad so what ever you do guys, were sunscreen when visiting Australia!

Part 8 Exploring Sydney
We spent the last days of the trip wondering around the center of Sydney. By doing so we went to an exhibition by accident, were really underdressed in a bar and learned a lot of the history of Sydney and Australia by taking a FreeWalkingtour.

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