Last week the Young Creators had a work & meet event in my hometown, so I decided to visit that. During the meet up I worked on a little irritation I had with the Youtube Endcard screen and thus the video below is mostly centered around the creation of that.

The Young Creators

Right, some backstory about the Young Creators. It’s a Facebook group in the Netherlands which allows freelancers and young entrepreneurs of various fields of profession to connect, share their knowledge or give input on each others work. If you have a question about something you are working on, just post it in the group and you’re bound to get an answer of someone who was dealing with the same issue and dealt with in in a certain way.

Besides just being a group on Facebook members occasionally arrange meet up events, such as the work & meet where I went to.

The meet up

My reasoning was actually quite simple. I usually get most of my work done at home. It’s great! I can tell people I work without leaving my bed. But this also results in me not leaving the house for days in a row. And that, ladies and gentleman, is not a very good habit. The meet up allowed me to work somewhere else while also having a good reason to be out of the house. Other than that it was a good way of expanding my network. You never know who you might meet.

The event was hosted at a Regus office complex. A company I’ve never heard of before but apparently they have lot’s of office complexes around the world! I’m guessing that from now on I’ll not be able to NOT see them when I’m traveling.

To close this of I’d like to say that the event was a succes. I met a bunch of great people, had fun and I got some work done as well. Now that’s something I’d like to achieve everyday!

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