Summer has started

The summer has started! That implies a big shift in the way I go about doing work. Believe it or not, but this is mostly a result of school holidays. I work at a company that works with a lot of interns but obviously, during the summer, the interns are gone. We actually had to say goodbye to them last week. In the video I show a bit more of what it was like at the company and during the party.

Staying up to date

Besides all that I talk a bit about things that I’m working on at this very moment. I’m mostly updating stuff. I’ve updated my portfolio because the animation I was talking about 2 weeks ago is finished and the client was very happy (!) I’ve been updating my first ever professional explanimation, the first job I did as a freelancer. And I’m also updating a video from a year ago because the client wants to add new content to the existing video.

And thats about it. Just a little update on my part.

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