Now that I’ve been using my camera, the Sony a6500 for a while I put my thoughts to video and talk a bit about the things I liked and not liked of the Sony A6500. So basically a camera review. The camera overall is great but it has got some major problems to keep in mind while using it, or to factor in while buying. Note that I mostly talk about the usability aspect of things as the image (at least in 4K) it takes is great!

A rough chapter list:

0:29 – The Gearlist

  • CAMERA : The Sony a6500 + the 16 -70 mm Zeiss lens
  • MICROPHONE : Røde videomic go
  • TRIPOD : A Joby GorrilaPod
  • PLATE : Edelkrone quickrelease one.

1:10 – Portability

Due to the camera size and weight it’s way easier to take this camera with you. I in fact preferred to keep all my gear assembled and hold that the entire day. This way I could just shoot some stuff and move on. So the smaller size made sure I was able to film all the little stuff that happened during the day instead of missing out as I’m still unpacking all the gear.

1:39 – The Autofocus

The continues autofocus really saves the day when it comes to vlogging. The camera does not have a flipout screen so it’s impossible to pull focus. It also works wonders when shooting other stuff not in selfie mode.

I did notice some focus drifting when wearing sunglasses and a hat. That was mostly due to the amount of stuff on my face that made it hard to recognize facial features.

2:10 – About the Exposure

The screen not having a flipout screen also made it impossible to expose the shot properly. What worked for me was setting the camera to: Shutterspeed 50, aperture to manual and the ISO to auto. I exposed for the environment and than slightly underexposed so that the ISO would boost the image when necessary.

Do keep in mind that the ISO should be as low as possible.

2:40 – The rant about the monitor

The screen on itself has a lot more problems. In a nutshell; It’s to dark. When filming in 4K (because 1080p is really soft) the sensor heats up. In order to prevent overheating Sony decided to crack down the brightness on the monitor. This is wat I understood about the situation anyway.

This makes it impossible to actually see what you’re filming when in the sun. I had to cover the screen in order to make out what the histogram and zebrastripes were telling me so I could expose. Framing however was much harder to do.

My way of dealing with that was a combination of all the auto settings of the ISO and Focus, I shot everything as wide as possible and the edit was done in 1080p. This way I was able to reframe the shot whenever I needed to.

4:00 – Quick Recap

PRO: The Sony a6500 is really small and light. The 4K image looks great. It’s got all the picture profile settings you would expect form a camera in this price range. The IBIS is a really nice welcome for the run and gun style of shooting. And the auto focus is great
CON: The 1080p is soft and the 4K overheating camera screen issue is a real pain in the ass. Like; really.

Overall; I’m really glad I bought this camera. But really Sony… fix that screen issue.

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