I’m no stranger to learning through the means of online education. Almost all of my film and animation knowledge comes from the internet. so is a formal education necessary?

I break down my thoughts about formal education vs self thought skills through the use of online education. In this post however I’d like to share a selection of “teachers” that thought me my craft.


As mentioned in the video. Andrew Kramer from VideoCopilot has been my main inspiration. His fun and upbeat tutorials allowed me to learn After Effects in a way that suited me the best. All the tutorials are pretty advanced and fast but that just means it’s a challenge, and I like a challenge. He does however have a tutorial covering the basics which helps you with your first steps after opening the program for the first time. Link

Mt. Mograph

While VideoCopilot is mostly focused on visual effects, Mt. Mograph is solely focused on Motion graphic design. His tutorials are advanced but well worth your time if you’re interested in learning new techniques regarding motion design. His tutorials were a big help when I decided on honing my skills as a motion designer. link


Interested in learning all sorts of stuff regarding film and the production side of things? FilmRiot is the place to be. Film Riot was one of the first places I fell back on regularly when I discovered my pasion for film. The show is quick, upbeat and lot’s of fun! link

Devision 05

Compared to the other entries in this list Devision 05 is a strange one. This channel is mostly useful for insight and inspiration. Devision shows you the proces of coming up with idea’s, how to storyboard in an iterative way, and talks you through the proces a couple of cases he has done for clients. He has only got 14 video’s of which 6 are behind a paywall. I bought those video’s and as a motion designer; it was truly worth it. It was like an in depth masterclass, one you cold rewind and watch as much as you want. Link

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