Writing a blog post about this video is kind of hard. I mean; the video is all over the place. It switches from a camera tech test review of the Zhiyun Crane v2 to an update about my progress on my years theme of ‘Face’. There is no way of categorizing the blogpost if I talk about both things so that’s why I’ve decided to drop the Crane bit and talk Solely about this years theme of ‘face.’

What’s a years theme

A year’s theme, what’s that all about? Well it basically boils down to setting a rough outline for the entire year. It’s much broader than setting goals. A theme can be vague, it’s not something actionable per se. I guess you can see it as a guideline. For instance; A YouTuber and Podcaster C.G.P. Gray talked about his theme of the year. He called it ‘The year of order’. This one might be a bit on the nose but he essentially wanted to bring order to the state his life was in. He wanted to restart using a talkmanager (such as Todoist I talked about in this blog post, or OmniFocus) and build his system from the ground up. He wanted to figure out where he does what kinds of work. Writing scripts in the office, and only in the office, or recording podcast in the home office. He talks about it in greater detail in the podcast he co-hosts with Myke Hurley called Cortex.

The year of ‘Face’

Now what about the year of ‘face’. My theme is based around need to be more visible as a company or maybe even as a individual as well. I basically need to show my face more. What does that mean for my activities this year? In order to achieve what my theme encompasses I launched this very website. I also plan on visiting (more) networking events to connect with more people but also to be more active doing sales. The YouTube channel is relaunched in order to show people what I’m doing both professionally and in my personal life, and also maybe teach viewers a thing or two about animation of film related stuff.

I want to share more stuff I’m working on via Instagram. This is maybe a good moment to plug my Instagram account because I try to post subsections of animations over there. so if  you enjoy short animations or want to keep up to date with whatever I’m working on consider following me over there.

And most noteworthy of all, having a years theme is means that you can’t really fail. It is only a guide.

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