Making friends either in real life or through the means of social media can be quite difficult. But it’s always worth it. In this video I tell you guys the story of how I met someone in Vienna back in 2013 and became friends through the use of social media.

Facebook privacy

I think that this video says al that needs to be said. It’s remarkable that this happened and that we managed to meet in real life now up to two times already. I do however need to mention something about Facebook and the privacy issues we are dealing with at this very moment.

I prefer that nobody uses my personal data in such a way, but you also have to keep in mind that a big chuck of the data they have of you is given by yourself, and you did it willingly by signing up on Facebook, filling in your profile with all your details, and of cours your actions on the site itself. It’s naïve to think that all this data is not used in a way to make a profit. It’s their entire business model.

A service is never free, you either pay hard cash or you pay with your personal data.

The Pixel

I am aware that the pixel tracks your activities across all websites, but as far as I know it’s only used by the person who created the website you’ve visited in order to target adds to lure you back to the website and buy a product.

This may seem a bit intrusive but it’s not the end of the world to receive targeted advertisement. I’d rather see adds in products I’m interested such as camera gear instead of, I don’t know, women shoes.

Closing thoughts

I don’t want to sweet talk all Facebook does. In fact, I rather that they don’t keep track of my data and my activities across the web. But I was aware stuff like this was happening before signing up. Would I like to see it change? Yes, but that would mean a paid subscription model instead of selling the data. I’m up for it, are you?

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