Working with clients has learned me one important thing considering youtube. They are (often) unaware of how to optimize your youtube channel page. Either due to lack of understanding or lack of time, they miss out what is arguably the more important part of youtube.

The homescreen layout

In the video I talked about a number of things worth considering when setting up or improving a youtube channel page. Things that tell the audience what to expect and why you are worth following. The main topic of the day is the home layout. It’s your business card on youtube.

Banner design

When designing your banner you should be asking yourself what it needs to communicate. What is the information it needs to convey either by text or photo. The most important things to consider are:

  • Does it show or tell what kind of content my audience can expect?
  • Does it show or tell when to expect said content?
  • Do I have a (company) tagline worth sharing on the banner?
  • Is the artwork clear enough?
  • Do i need to show my logo / channel name?

The profile picture

Deciding on what the profile picture should be is one of the more straightforward steps. It can generally go one of two ways: The channel revolves around a single person, thus said person is shown on the picture. Or, the channel revolves around a company or is not a single person. In the second case you fly your logo proudly.

The channel trailer

The trailer should be an 30 to 60 second video that specifies what the channel is all about. It should be quick and concise. It’s worth to invest into a video like this because it autoplays when someone visits your channel and is not subscribed yet.

The playlists

Setting up playlists is a step often forgotten strangely enough. There are two reasons why it is important.

First of all, It fills your homescreen with subsections of your content. I’ll use my channel as an example. I have playlists for vlogs, tutorials and travel videos. My audience can easily see what’s in store, and as a bonus; when they click on a video in a playlist the next video in the list will start playing when the current one is done. So more views and exposure!

Reason number two; YouTube is a search engine. By creating playlists you add more data into the algorithm thus making the chance of being found higher.

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