I just recently started working on Chris Piggy Bacon’s Adventures! “what’s that?” You might ask. We’ll don’t worry I’ll explain. But before elaborating on it I need to touch on a thing called simultaneous Inventions. (This is also the first time I’ve heard of it…)


What’s Chris Piggy Bacon’s Adventures?

This video briefly touches upon a new animation series that’s in the works called Chris Piggy Bacon’s Adventures. In a nutshell; it’s a children’s animation follow a little pig (Chris P. Bacon) and his friend (Dunn Richard Kebab) the lamb while they have an adventure. The idea of an animation came to me randomly when I casually mentioned it would be fun to feature Chris P. Bacon (my future pig to be) in an adventure series. Making him all cool and stuff! This random idea stuck and was part of my wall decoration above my desk for over a year. Now it’s finally time to start realizing it!

The Adventure

Currently I’m figuring out all the details concerning the world the characters live in, and blocking out a rough storyline. So far I’m planning on creating 10 episodes covering an over arching story relating to a mystery of things disappearing in the town of Axen, and Chris and Dunn set out to uncover all the mysteries that lies ahead. It will be a fun child friendly colorful tale I can’t wait to tell  all of you guys.

The release date

Sadly I can’t set a release date yet. Making all those 10 episodes by myself is a HUGE amount of work and since I’ve just recently started I’ve no real grasp on how huge that pile of work really is. I’m hoping for a november release, but we will see!

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