July 10, 2019


FP Thijs Profile

My name is Thijs Reiling and I’m an Animator, Motiongraphic designer, Editor, Filmmaker and Creative director. A bunch of words, but it means that I’ll help you visualize your story.

I myself have been telling stories for a while, but in 2011 I discovered my passion for moving imagery. Due to this passion I started telling stories by use of animation and film. This hobby, if you will, slowly but surely grow and turned into a job and Feis Productions saw first light in mid 2015.

I may have turned my hobby into work, but that doesn’t mean I’m less passioned about it. I may be a Communications and Multimedia graduate, but that doesn’t mean I’m done learning. Besides the wonderful client projects I’m feeding my passion with my own projects as a way to gain more knowledge and skill to help you guys in future projects.


Speed, quality & flexibility

    • Thanks to the years of working passionately Feis Productions is able to quickly convert your story in to a visual product of your choosing. It doesn’t matter if it’s branded contend or full on animations. We will deliver fast.

    • Doing things quickly at Feis Productions does not equal loss in quality. We always strive for maximum quality and then some.

    • Feis Productions is focused on service. It’s our duty to shape your story into a visual product. Thus it’s important to quickly adapt and to be flexible in order to make your wishes come true. And so we do, all with a guiding hand by Feis Productions.


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