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Feis is Thijs, and Thijs will make sure you’ll be heard. Thijs is a content creator who helps you tell the story you want to tell. Maybe you want to explain something or maybe you want to brand the video content in a certain way. Feis Productions will make it possible because it’s Thijs’ mission to realize and visualize your story.

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Here you'll find an overview of the services Feis has to offer.
Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics can mean a lot of things, but in essence it’s combining design and a wide range of film and visual effects principles.

So, in a nutshell, its adding animation to your design elements. It can be applied in varius ways.

Examples you could think of are; logo animations, lower thirds, but also promo content as well as slideshows.


Explanimations are the perfect alternative to boring texts as a way to explain stuff to your client’s or employees Why? because it says so in the title. ‘Explanation’ by ‘animation’. Combine the words and you’ve got Explanimation.

The big advantage of Explanimations are the way it can quickly visualize the story or message you want to pass on to the target group in an effective way. The words will come to life in a visual representation resulting in a better understanding of the subject.

Video Design

Video design can be interpreted in two ways. On one hand you’ve got graphical overlays as a way to add extra information. You can add brand elements or shape and texture files to spice up the video.

On the other hand it’s a way to integrate design in video as it is possible to manipulate te footage in combination with graphics. An example would be transition effects, or a bit more advance; Visual Effects.



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